Twisted Stocking Theatre Company

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Twisted Stocking has been delivering interactive arts to all areas of the community in Haringey, for the last 15 years. I am Angela Baker, Artistic Director of the
Twisted Stocking Theatre Company.

Proudly, our projects involve the production of original theatre and arts events in unusual settings and heritage buildings.

I did an Horticultural Course at Capel Manor in Garden Practice and Design, specifically with Special Needs children and Sensory Gardens in mind,
meanwhile I was developing my skills in Willow Sculpture 'Happenings' in theatrical outdoor spaces. We frequently get asked to create 'green-classroom installations' in Nursery & Primary schools. Now we have come full-circle back to Bruce Castle and Markfield Beam Engine Museums, I am delighted to be producing quality Theatre In Education again in these heritage contexts. This feels like the 'A River Runs Through It' project is another chapter in Haringey History on from "School Rules-OK!" (1998)....and 'Trials and Innovations' (1999),..."

I relish the opportunity of researching Haringey History & developing aspirational links with local initiatives & heritage partners.