Markfield Park

Queen Mary inspecting the 'Tottenham Pudding' - Courtesy: Bruce Castle Museum (Haringey Culture, Libraries and Learning)

Queen Mary, the Markfield Piggery and the 'Tottenham Pudding'

"The piggery: As a wartime measure (WWII), a Pig Farm was located on the site and visited by no lesser a person than the then Queen Elizabeth (the late Queen Mother) on one occasion. I believe...

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Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road - Courtesy: Richard Hadingham

Artisan Cottages in Markfield Road

"My paternal grandparents lived at No 51 Markfield Road, described on the map as 'artisans cottages'. This row of six houses were built by the Midland Railway Company c1894 and I think were...

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Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Tottenham and Forest Gate Railway

"Part of an original Tottenham & Forest Gate Railway map in my possession which shows the Moselle Brook in the final stage of its course towards the River Lea near Markfield Park."


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Richard Hadingham as a young boy (c1954) - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Richard Hadingham, Former Resident of N15

My name is Richard Hadingham. I was born on 1st May, 1945 at Clapton, E5, but lived in Wargrave Avenue, South Tottenham, N15 for the first twenty years of my life. At the age of five I started...

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Moselle Brook Outlet - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Moselle Brook Outlet

"As I recall, much of the river (or 'brook' as we used to call it) flowed in a deep concrete culvert from roughly South Tottenham station to where it entered the River Lea at the south-east corner...

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Whit Monday 1925 - Courtesy Richard Hadingham

Markfield Pumping Station 1925

"The photo is dated Whit Monday 1925 (attached) and clearly shows the Markfield Pumping Station with its two chimneys in the background. That is my grandfather, George Oscar Hadingham, tending his...

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